Krompf Sundays June with Amey Goerlich

Krompf 6 weeks 3 hour classes in June on Sundays



Learning the krompf form will help you with finding and stripping down the game to play in your scene quickly and efficiently. The krompf also helps with the idea of connecting games within an improvised piece and melding them together. Hone your acceptance skills and acting commitment and conviction. Remove judgment from your improv and work on the best ‘you’ as an improviser. Lots of play time, small class size, personal notes. This class will help you with The Harold as well to find different approaches to heightening the game for 2nd and 3rd beats.  

This class explores all things improv that will help to sharpen your improv skills with fast, bold choices that help you create the ultimate ensemble improv piece. Krompf is an improv team that started in 2001 in NYC at UCB the team members Amey Goerlich, Neil Casey, Joe Wengert & Ryan Karels developed this unique form with the help of Owen Burke, Chris Gethard, Ptolemy Slocum and Armando Diaz.

DATES: June 3rd/10th/17th/24th/NO CLASS JULY 1st/July 8th/July 15th

TIME: 11am-2pm

LOCATION: The Clubhouse 1607 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA

COST: $200

MAKE-UP CLASSES: You can make-up a class in another session with this instructor. Contact the instructor to arrange a make-up class. Limited to two makeup class and only if there is space available.

Cancellation Policy:  You can cancel your registration up to 7 days before class begins, any time after that we charge you for the full amount of the class.


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TEACHER BIO: Amey is the only female in the 15 year-old UCB indie quartet known as KROMPF.  She teaches her KROMPF classes independently in NYC & in LA.  She has taught her game workshop at many improv festivals around the country, most recently at the Tampa Bay Improv Festival, Omaha Improv festival and San Diego Improv Festival 2017, The Torch Theatre in AZ, Improv Utopia Camp East & West, The Pocket Theatre & Femprovfest 18′.  Currently she is living in Los Angeles and teaching/performing at M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre. She runs The Improvisation Training Hub for independent Improv teachers in NYC & LA.  She was the Host and Coordinator of Indie Cage Match at UCBeast for 5 years 2011-2016. She was the Artistic Director of the virtual theatre E-MPROV.  A long form improviser from 2001-2016 at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and she has coached over 400+ long form improv teams (some online like from Bali, Denver, Pennsylvania and more).

She also co-created an improv card game called ‘Humans Being an improv card game’ that just recently came out to the public you can find it on Amazon.  Later this month a booklet is being released on Amey personal method of teaching and doing improv in a series coming about on Improvisation influencers around the world.  Amey also has taught corporate improv workshops for Kaiser, USC Medical and Tastemade to name a few.

She has studied under Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts, Kevin Mullaney, Michael Delaney and many others. Directed/Coached UCB NY Maude Teams, Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit).  Her most recent improv teams in NYC – Spoiled Space Monkeys, Fart Police, Chica go go and at DCM every year with KROMPF and Wicked Fuckin’ Queeah.  LA – LUCY at Westside Comedy.

Recently in the Film Girl in The Show by Anna Fields. You can see her live on her House Team Lucy (Faculty Team) at Westside Comedy Theatre on Monday Nights at 9pm. Check out her web series Best Cupcakes in the World on YouTube.  You can also hear her talk improv on Jimmy Carrane Improv Nerd Podcast taped at The Steelstacks Improv Fest 2014, Improv Resource Center podcast with Kevin Mullaney, Improvcast with Jay & Landon.  Just to name a few you can always just google Amey to find other podcasts she has been on.