TJ Del Reno


TJ Del Reno has been doing comedy for over five years and performs every night all over the city. His act includes talking about student loans, art school, Transformers, Facebook, Myspace, cartoons and much more. He is part of Sheldrake Boothroy, and Howdy Stranger. He also is a professional voice over artists and has done work for many cartoons, television and radio commercials. His recent work is a character on the Nicktoons show “Three Delivery”. Here he played Harry the crook in episode titled Cook Book Crooks. He is the tag voice for Capri Sun’s “Respect the Pouch!” as well as Super 8 Motel, Tidy Cats and Dannon. He voiced the character Ricky in ROCKSTARS video game “BULLY”. Comedy is in his blood and he is a pleasant, high energy ball of fun. Check out his video and some commercials on his website

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