Amey Goerlich



Amey’s Bio: The Artistic Director and Founder of Improv Training Hub, She was the Artistic Director of E-MPROV.COM, Produced & Hosted Indie Cage Match at UCB Theatre East Village from 2011-2016. Amey started at UCB NY in 2001 you can see some of her work on, Funny or Die, The Food Network, IFC Channel and Youtube ‘Upton Abbey’ & ‘Best Cupcakes in the world’. Amey moved to LA in November and currently teaches improv at M.I. Westside Comedy.

Her Improv Teams and or shows: Lucy, Krompf, Indie Cage Match Host & Producer (UCB east), Wicked Fuckin’ Queeah (UCBT), Fart Police, Spoiled Space Monkeys, Chica Go Go (PIT), & Nit Wits (Annoyance Theatre).

Past Shows NYC: UCB – Film Noir, Sunnyside Up Players, UCBW, The Ol’ Factory: Krompf sketch show, FILTH (UCB Harold team), Your Favorite Thing, The Documentary, After School Super Power Hour and other stuff and things.

PIT – The Scene, Upton Abbey, Chica go go, Faculty Show

MAGNET – Lights out Shirley, You are not alone

Amey has directed and or coached over 300+ improvisation groups/sketch teams and off broadway productions. UCB Maude Teams:( MIX TAPE 98′, THE SKUNTZ, 27 KIDNEYS), Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit) House Teams at The PIT, The Magnet and High school kids across America.

TV: Raising McCain – Improv Expert, Giving you the Business – The Food Network, Hewlett Packard Total Care, Sundance Channel Doc Day Promos, PBS Create Channel, IFC Channel -Positive Reinforcement (Animated Short – Lead Freddy)

Taught Film/TVProduction/Theatre/Animation/Improvisation at Elementary Schools around NYC from 2001-2014

Amey has taught her Krompf class and workshops on Stripping down the game to expand it at WICF in Boston, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Chinese Menu in DC, Kansas City MO, Improv Utopia Camp East, Hartford Improv Fest, Steel Stacks Improv Fest, omaha Improv Festival, Tampa bay improv festival, all over NYC and in February at the San Diego Improv Festival.  She was also on an episode of Jimmy Carrane Improv Nerds, Kevin Mullaneys Improv resource Center Podcast and various other comedy podcasts (just search your iTunes podcasts if you so desire.)  Currently amey is working on launching her Improv Card game that she co-created should be available in stores by February 2017.

Krompf is a form that was created by the indie team that started in 2001 at The Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC with Joe Wengert, Neil Casey, Ryan Karels & Amey Goerlich.