The Fundamentals of Improv with Dan Pozmanter

The Fundamentals of Improv with Dan Pozmanter NYC



Prerequisite: None!

The fundamentals of improv are introduced and practiced:


* Building a Shared Reality (My take on “Yes And!” that also covers consent)

* Listening and Discovering

* Truth, Intelligence, and Making Good Choices

* Point of View: Listening to Yourself

* Objects and Environments

* Characters (Physicality, Voice, Chosen/Discovered/Gifted)

* Acting Part 1 – Reacting

* Acting Part 2 – Believing The Scene and Commitment

These fundamentals will be explored in class with exercises and scene work, outside reading (TJ & Dave’s “Improvisation at the Speed of Life” and others), and finally seeing improv shows at *any* theater or bar and sharing observations with the class.

Focus will be on introducing the fundamentals, having fun, and discovering your unique superpowers!

Aside from the slightly different curriculum (informed by sensibilities from various theaters/schools of thought) this class differs from typical level 1 classes offered at local NYC improv schools in several ways:

1. Typical class size for a NYC improv class is 16 – this class will be limited to 12 to allow more individual attention and feedback.

2. The cost! Typical classes range from $400 (PIT, Magnet) to $450 (UCB). This course charges a much smaller fee ($70) to cover the cost of the rehearsal space.*

3. The class show will also include a third act with experience improvisers mixed in.

* Though if you can’t afford this class, please get in touch anyway and we will try to work something out!

WHEN: Wednesdays 7-10pm Jan. 9th/16th/23rd/30th/ Feb. 6th/13th/20th/27th Class show will be 4pm March 2nd at the Tank

WHERE: Studios 150 Floor 7 Room 3, New York City

COST: $70

Teacher Bio:

Dan Pozmanter is a New York based teacher, performer, and various other things. Here’s some mostly relevant highlights!

Teaching Experience: Previously taught “Accessing Emotions” and “Fear and Habits” at The Hub. Public Speaking/Intro to Improv Corporate Workshop (Remedy Partners). Taught various independent experimental free improv workshops. Taught Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Programming at North Star in Hadley MA. Spoke at PyCon 2017 EduSummit – Teaching Practical Python. Taught (and trained teachers in) Philosophy for Children at schools in MA, NY, VA, MD, DC, and CA.

Performance Experience: Performed with “The Austen Family Improv Players” (A Time Out New York Critics Pick which the New York Times called a “favorite”) and 27 Club among others. Hosted Fear Corner and various other one time shows including a few variety shows. Put on a clown musical, played Nate Silver in a sketch video, and provided the voice for an explainer video at a social media startup. Played improv festivals in NYC, Hartford, Boston, and Bethlehelm. There’s also a short film about a cat with powers.

Education: Completed the improv programs at the PIT and Annoyance NYC, and studied at the Magnet, UCB NY, Annoyance Chicago, and naturally the Hub. Studied clown with Deanna Fleysher and acting with Ken Schatz. Background in Cognitive Science with a hint of modern dance. Studied a tiny bit of neofuturist non-illusory theater with the NY Neofuturists.


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