Krompf BYOC – with Amey Goerlich

BUILD YOUR OWN CLASS or 6 Week rehearsal or Class with AMEY GOERLICH

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It’s tough finding a regular coach, or a regular space to rehearse in, I get it.  Go ahead and book me i’ll take care of all of it.  Here’s the deal, give me dates for a  (6 week class/rehearsal) if you guarantee at least 6 people will sign up in three days then the slot is yours.

For a  6 week (3 hour) class $200 – 6 person minimum with location TBA.

The more people you have the less the cost is. For example if you have 12 people the class is only $190 per person.

For a 6 week (2 hour) Rehearsal $150 – 6 person minimum (or pay a total of $1000 a team if over 6) with Location TBA.

If you have a team, or class you love you can all sign up for a class just pitch me your idea.  Anything is negotiable.  I pay for the space, you just show up.

Learning the krompf form will help you with finding and stripping down a game to play in your scene quickly and efficiently. The krompf also helps with the idea of connecting games within an improvised piece and melding them together. Hone your acceptance skills and acting commitment and conviction. Remove judgment from your improv and work on the best ‘you’ as an improviser. Lots of play time, small class size, personal notes. This class also explores other forms that help to better understand how you play as a krompher.  I can also train your team in the Forms Spokane, The Rant & The Documentary.


You Tell Me When

Class Size

6-12 SLOTS

Los Angeles or Burbank California


Class (3 Hours): Starts at 6 students $225 per student for 6 weeks.  Price drops per student after 6.  

If you have 12 people the cost is $190 per student.

Rehearsal (2 hours): Starts at 6 Students $150 per student for 6 weeks or $1000 total for team.


No make-up class.

To register, fill out the form. Thanks!

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