Burn your Fear with Philip Markle Saturdays

Burn Your Fear with Philip Markle in Los Angeles


This six-week class, taught by Philip Markle, former Director of the Annoyance Theatre in NY, aims to light your improvisation on fire. It will remind what you love about improv, slap you out of whatever fear is holding you back, and cut out the naysaying voices in your head that cloud your inspiration. We will look at how we sometimes censor or bail on our choices out of a need to make the “right choice” when improvising. Instead, let’s agree that there is no right or wrong choice, only a weak or strong one, and see what happens when we give ourselves the freedom to simply trust and commit to whatever comes up. We will marry this sense of playful abandonment with actionable techniques to start scenes boldly, live in the present, heighten them via specific and surprising choices, and employ context (who, what, where, when, why, etc.) without getting in our heads about it. In addition, students will receive extensive personal notes targeting particular areas of improvement, and since one’s note applies to everyone to an extent, all students will work on each other’s notes together as a group. This class will keep you on your feet, move quickly, and give you actionable techniques to help you act like the fierce improviser you already are. Each section is limited to 16 enrollments and open to students who have completed at least one improv class at a well-known improv program.

Video of me describing Burn Your Fearhttps://youtu.be/iwCl71IezC4

FREE PREVIEW CLASS: Saturday, Jan. 6th, 3:00-5:00 PM

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To take the 6-WEEK SECTIONS:

Saturdays, Jan 13 – Feb. 17, 2:00-5:00 PM          


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Wednesdays, Jan 10 – Feb 14th, 8:00-11:00 PM


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COST: $225 for 6 week class

Where: Complex Hollywood (6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA) Note: Students can make up to two missed classes in other section.

Testimonials: www.philipmarkle.com/testimonials

“Philip, you found the truth and freedom in a bunch of rigid improv rules that all other instructors seem to keep hounding to the ground. Thank you for taking the time to get to know each person’s needs to give personal notes. I’ve never had an instructor do that so intentionally. You are such a gifted teacher.” – Grace Chang, Student, Burn Your Fear

“Philip brings the passion and energy to take you by the collar and shake the improv out of you. Players who are often timid were leaping on stage in a frenzy. All the while we hit the marks for a good understanding of improv. Excellent instructor and performer.” — Chris J. Rock, Director, Hive Improv Berlin

Bio: Philip has taught improv and acting internationally for over 16 years, from Berlin to Bali. He moved to NYC in 2013 to launch the theatre and training center of The Annoyance Theater NY, where he taught, performed, and acted as its Executive Director until Fall 2016. Philip graduated Northwestern University and produced, performed and trained in Chicago at comedy theaters such as The Annoyance, iO, and Second City. He has taught and performed internationally and currently teaches independent writing and improv classes in NYC, as well as through Tom Todoroff’s acting studio. He regularly performs and writes comedy in NYC. Philip has musically improvised with Baby Wants Candy in Chicago and BLANK: The Musical Off-Broadway in NY and is the creator of ten-year-old musical improv show Happy Karaoke Fun Time. in NY. As a storyteller, he has performed with The Moth and The Paper Machete. He is a proud member of the children’s education theatre companies The Story Pirates and Barrel of Monkeys. He executive produced, wrote, and acted in the digital shorts series “The Annoyance Presents” on IFC’s Comedy Crib. Philip has written two one-man shows, and his first solo show, Sparkle Hour, was featured in the 2013 NY International Fringe Festival. Check out more info and writing at www.philipmarkle.com

Previous Places I’ve Taught: Annoyance Theatre, Second City Theatricals, Endgames Improv, Hive Improv Berlin, Improv Italia, Steel City Improv, NYU, Bard College, National College Comedy Festival, Syracuse Improv Collective, Syracuse University, PHIT Comedy Theatre, Improv Boston, Boston University, Laugh Index Theatre, Improv Theater Israel, Skidmore College, Barnard College, Ubud Comedy Games, International Theatre Stockholm, Voodoo Comedy Collective, Oberlin College Improv Conference, Grinnell College, Improtheater Bremen, Good Good Comedy Theatre, and more.